Hello! Welcome to my personal site! My name is Karl "Krayfishkarl" Ast, and I am a hobbyist game designer.

I have played video games since I was old enough to hold a controller. Super Mario World and Super Mario 64 were among the first to captivate me into the worlds they created. Yet, even at a young age, I knew there was more to these games than just a controller, console and a TV. How did they work? Why were the worlds designed the way they were? What made them so fun to play? I set about to answer these questions by attending iD Tech Camps in 2005 to learn Multimedia Fusion 1.5.

Though I initially saw my passion for video games as a hobby, I began to realize my true potential during high school when I joined the Technology Student Association and competed in Electronic Game Design. Even after becoming four-time state champion and 2009 national champion, I realized I had only scratched the surface of game design. Abiding my principle of seeking to make my next game better than the last, I ventured to the third dimension with the likes of Skyrim’s Creation Kit and Unreal Engine 4.

I later joined the United States Army to work as a Field Artillery Tactical Data System Specialist, and I also managed to acquire the coveted Air Assault Badge. In my spare time, I discovered Unreal Engine 4. I was self-taught, and my experiments eventually culminated into the WIP game Dreamwalkers: Sleep Descent.

After serving my country for three and a half years, I completed my active duty tour in the Army, and decided to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science. With over a decade of hobbyist game design experience, I’ve made it my personal goal to always move forward and improve. If I make an excellent, awesome game, then my next one should top it.